Virtual Office service in Estonia

Our virtual office service provides a physical address to your company. To register a company in Estonia, a physical Estonian address is required (a Post Office Box can not be used), if you do not own an address in Estonia, a company can not be established. This applies also to e-residents.

In addition to just a physical address and mailbox, our global customers often desire a local contact who they can contact at ease with any general questions about Estonia.
The local support helps our clients conveniently manage their business from anywhere in the world with the minimal amount of time invested.

Virtual office

Basic Virtual Office 

  • A registered address
  • A physical mailbox
  • Mail forwarding (In e-mail or paper mail form)

Premium Virtual Office

  • A registered address
  • A physical mailbox
  • Mail forwarding (Postal fees will be added)
  • E-business serving as a company secretary to receive state documents
    (compulsory for a business if no board member is EU based)

Additional options

  • Document translation
    (In the case of legal documents we can provide a translation certificate from a notary.)
  • Phone call forwarding
  • Fax forwarding

Click here to see the pricing list for our virtual office packages.