What we have to offer

The simplest online incorporation and company management service in Estonia


Establish a company from anywhere in the world. It will be created within 1-2 business days.

Company bank account

We can open a company bank account without you ever having to be locally present. With it also comes remote access to the company’s internet banking options.

Virtual office

All companies in Estonia must have a registered local company address. With our virtual office management we provide the necessary service and more.


We offer experienced accountants who can manage all of your obligations before the Tax department in Estonia.

On-site support

We offer everything your business may need on-site while you manage your business from anywhere in the world.

Why Estonia?

There are several factors that make estonia a great place to start a company
Estonia has one of the most liberal tax regimes in the world

A major incentive to establishing a company in Estonia is that undistributed profits are not subject to income tax, regardless of whether they are retained or reinvested. There is a 20% income tax on dividends only. This creates a very favorable position to develop your company, as you have more money to reinvest than you would in other European countries. Traveling expenses as well as daily allowances for business purposes can also be charged to the company tax-free.

In addition to bussiness friendly taxes, Estonia has also managed to create a transparent infrastructure for bussiness that has been praised all over the world. The rules and regulations are easy to understand and this means dealing with less bureaucracy than in most other European countries.

Estonia has highly developed electronic public services and due to this, the internet banking is also very advanced, user-friendly and can be used from anywhere with an internet connection.

  • Corporate tax

    NO corporate income tax

  • VAT

    VAT is refunded fully in case of most business expenditures

  • re-investment tax

    You are free to reinvest without cost

  • Dividend tax

    Dividend tax

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